Škoda Tour 2012 - Approaching

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A link to maps.google.com - http://g.co/maps/yk6eu

Příjezd ŠT 2012  Příjezd ŠT 2012  Příjezd ŠT 2012  Příjezd ŠT 2012  Příjezd ŠT 2012  Příjezd ŠT 2012

In emergency, use one of the following telephone numbers in the Czech Republic :

In case of defect

In the period from June 18th July 8th you can use VIP Assistance services of ÚAMK ČR:

In such a case, please, contact the reception of Škoda Tour 2012:            +420 606 615 370

Assistance (free of charge):

Reception of the Škoda Tour and of the hotel Omnia :

Reminder :

The motorway vignette (sticker) should be stuck on the windscreen, if you drive on the motorway in the Czech Republic. The vignette is bought at crossing borders, petrol stations etc.

The vignette in the CZECH REPUBLIC costs (for car up to 3,5 ton of weight) :

Auto camp of Automotoklub Skoda in Kosmonosy is available for you before and after the Skoda Tour 2012